Mar 05

Update 5th March

It’s been some time since I updated this site, so here you go…

I’ve been busy working in the studio… Firstly, on a new EP for Myna Music, ‘Beg ‘N’ Steal’. You can check it out here on soundcloud – due for release on vinyl and digital in March. Plus, new remix projects for labels, Bounce House, Native Soul Recordings, and up & coming remix projects of Kinky Movement and Bang Bang… I’ve also just finished up a fresh new track for Mixtura Records from Dubai. Most of these projects can be checked out on my soundcloud page, click here .

Keep an ear and eye out for the new Borrowed Music vol:10, by Da Sunlounge & Inland Knights.

10 Years of Myna Music tour: Gig wise, I’ve been out and around Europe for the first few months of the year. Next up, I’m out in South Africa in April. Here’s the flyer for the Nicci Beach gig in Johannesburg on the 3rd April, more gig info coming soon on other South Africa gigs.

In addition to various Europe dates over the next few months (Czech Rep. Poland etc),  I’ll begin a USA tour in July with San Fran, Portland and Memphis dates already in place. To top this off an Australia tour is planned for the end of 2011.

Anyone interested in booking myself for any of the tours or other European gigs please contact : bookings@mynamusic.co.uk






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