Sep 16

Update Sept 011

Ok I really must update this site more often with whats going on with Da Sunlounge.
So here goes..

I’ve recently finished up a great USA tour and since then been back in the studio working hard.. bar the odd festival gigs over the last few summer months.

Da Sunlounge Projects that have taken place in the studio over the past few months include,
(links are included to ones that have been released so far)

Da Sunlounge – Reboot EP – Myna Music
Lisa Shaw – Honey (Da Sunlounge Remix) – Salted Music
Eddie Matos (Mateo & Matos) Hypnotized (Da Sunlounge Remix) – Manuscript Records/People That Make The Music
DJ Hal – “Don’t Give It Up” feat Jay Thomas (Da Sunlounge & Andy IK) – Blockhead Recordings
Stuff Ya Disco – Jazz Rags ( Da Sunlounge – Deep & Dusty Mix ) – Hands On
Stuff Ya Disco – Jazz Rags ( Da Sunlounge – Dust Free Mix ) – Hands On
Bang Bang – Hate Fleeting – (Da Sunlounge Remix) – Oh So Coy Recordings

Right now in the studio work is taking place on a remix of Kinky Movement for Replay, along side a new Borrowed Music EP and Bambino recordings EP..
Plus a few very exciting projects that are taking place, that I have to keep under wraps for now..

Keep an eye out for a new DJ mix on Soundcloud
Also keep yourself updated on the Da Sunlounge Fan Page right here.

For DJ bookings : bookings@mynamusic.co.uk
For Production/Remix Work : info@mynamusic.co.uk
Send all promos too Promo@mynamusic.co.uk

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